Our goal is to have happy satisfied customers, but we know we have to  earn your trust.   We never use high stress, up-selling sales techniques.   We simply want to equip you with the right product at the right price.   

Our goal is to make you happy out on the water so we know you will be happy to return to our store. 

Honesty and integrity are what we are pride for!


常乐钓鱼用品公司成立至今,我们秉承客户第一、服务第一、质量第一的原则,竭心尽力、精益求精,在广州钓鱼界有较高知名度。 现今进驻多伦多,麻雀雖小,五臟俱全。 欢迎各位尝试我们的服务。

我们的客户遍布全美五十州,业务涵盖范围非常广阔。我们专注于钓鱼、活饵 、渔竿、渔线 和各类钓鱼用品。我们也根据新时代的新要求,不断更新我们的业务,与时俱进,为客户提供最新、最好的服务。